Over the last year or so, Facebook Live videos have come into the spotlight for various reasons. Sometimes those reasons are bad, but, for the most part, Facebook Live provides an excellent opportunity for companies to reach their audience in different ways.

However, it is important that you understand how to harness the power of this tool.

It isn’t enough to simply hop onto the feed and broadcast whatever is on your mind at that specific moment in time. Your Facebook Live videos should be calculated, planned, and optimized for your audience.

That is why we’re going to be looking at some of the different ways that you can use Facebook Live to really engage your audience.

Discuss Comments on Your Blog

Although there are many reasons why companies keep a blog, the primary reason at the end of the day is to provide value to people who are interested in your industry. The comments section a great place for people to interact with your post, but just responding to each comment isn’t always enough.

Enter Facebook Live.

With Facebook Live, you can answer your audience’s questions much more efficiently and in-depth. Simply schedule a time to go live with your audience, and let the questions roll in.

Let People See Your Business

It can be easy for people to dehumanize your business a little bit, especially if you do most of your business online. However, with Facebook Live, you can give your audience a glimpse into its daily operations.

You could focus on specific processes in your business, answer questions about how to get into the industry, or even take people around for a tour of your office.

Event Promotion

Planning a big event? Let people know by creating a Facebook Live video. Once you have everything planned out, schedule a Live video so that you can announce the event to your audience and answer any questions about it. Just remember to clearly state a URL where people can go to find the information after the video is over.

In addition to promoting future events, you can also live stream the events as they happen in real time. Whether it is an office party, a networking event, or a conference, many people who are unable to make it in person will be interested in experiencing the event virtually.

Promote New Products

When you’re teasing a new product, people want to see what it is. Although a picture and text can be very informative, there is nothing quite like the image of someone holding and using the product.

You can do an unboxing session to show what it looks like when someone receives your product and takes it out of the box. During your unboxing, you can also answer any questions about the product while you are recording.

Live FAQs

If you have any experience at all with running a business, it is likely that you’ve answered the same questions over and over. Although you can create a FAQs page, there are still some people who just won’t read it.

Instead of repeatedly responding to common questions over messaging, create a Facebook Live video that answers them all. After you run the video, you can archive it. Now your customers can access the answers to their questions via a video instead of searching through written FAQs.

Interact With Your Groups

If you are a business owner that runs and organizes a group on your Facebook page, it is important that you regularly interact with the members of that group. Providing a Live video humanizes you a little bit, and it’s also an opportunity to answer questions and provide weekly updates to members.

Start Today

As Facebook is continuously updating and changing its algorithm, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to increase engagement on your page. However, what we do know is that video gets more engagement than anything else, and Facebook Live videos get the most engagement out of any others. All that you need is your mobile device and microphone, but you can always upgrade to better equipment to improve the experience.

What is your experience with Facebook Live videos?