Your business deserves the best quality at the best value. JER Marketing focuses on creating customized marketing solutions that help you reach new customers, improve your brand image, and establish a respectable online presence.  With our expertise in branding, public relations, digital and event marketing, we are poised to help your project succeed without the demands of hiring an in-house team.

We focus on delivering the best solution with the most heart at a fraction of what you would pay otherwise. Our virtual-based solutions incorporate a broad array of marketing expertise that is expertly managed by a dedicated point of contact. We can provide a variety of marketing services including, but not limited to:

  • Conjure messaging
  • Build credibility
  • Motivate potential clients
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Analyze tradeshow
  • Exhibit markets and events
  • Booth design and production
  • Graphic Design
  • Facilitate special client and potential client events
  • Formulate digital strategies
  • SEO-help potential clients find, stay and engage on your website
  • Plan, design, & execute social media campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Write and publish press releases
  • Mesh with media outlets
  • We are your “People Person”
  • Manage social accounts
  • Define strategies and set goals
  • Consult and analyze
  • Help connect and create the conversation

We are your all-encompassing, yet, remotely-based, marketing department that is there when you need us on a full-time or as-needed basis.

Here are three specific reasons to choose us for your marketing projects:

Highly Experienced Professionals

JER Marketing’s team features hand-selected industry experts that deliver high-quality products. We aren’t just professionals in marketing and communications; we are also highly creative ‘people-people,’ dedicated to capturing the essence of your business. Consider us your personal team of experts that’s always available when you need us.

Dedication to the Project

Office politics can often lead to office inaction. Since we are an outside agency, we don’t get caught up in productivity delays due to excessive workload or unclear job roles. When we are brought on to complete your project, that is our sole responsibility.

Lowered Costs

In-house marketing teams are rarely worth their costs, especially if you only need occasional help with specific campaigns. In addition to salaries and overhead, you also must worry about recruitment and training expenses. JER marketing saves you the headache and expense by providing an easily manageable flat rate.

Remote marketing teams offer a real solution to the rising costs of maintaining a professional image for your business. Yet, every provider is not the same. As our world (and communication) becomes more digital, many providers have become too automated – losing sight of what matters.

We know that people are at the core of marketing. That is why JER Marketing combines modern-day marketing with the personal touch your business deserves. For us, strategic marketing is much more than science -it is personal.