Are an NDA and Gratefulness Synonymous?  We believe they are.

How to promote Your Business when your client base is concealed behind NDAs?  

You’ve got an awesome list of customers who you love (and who love you!) These clients are well-known, brag-worthy names that give you instant credibility and you want to leverage their name recognition to secure more, high-quality customers.  

Trouble is… they are all sealed behind a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and you can’t nor would you disclose your contractual agreements. #thestruggleisreal

However, at each and every turn you realize the trouble is more a blessing and increasing become more grateful for the incredible portfolio of clients that you have and the privilege you have working with them. #grateful > #thestruggleisreal

Just because your clients need you to keep your relationship hush-hush, doesn’t mean you can’t magnetize the clients you want to work with towards you.

Here are three ways that you can positively promote your business and respect the agreements your customers need.

Focus on establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

Show your industry who you are and what you believe. Position yourself on ideas that you believe are innovative, useful and captivating. Don’t be afraid of giving away all of your secrets- share knowledge freely and provide value to your customers.

When you willingly take bold risks and do things differently, you’ll start to see that others in your industry start to mimic you, and learn from you. As you continue to grow and transform your industry, you’ll earn the respect of authority and thought leader.

Use a brand voice that communicates that you are a professional provider

Put your best positive message forward. You want your marketing channels to be impeccable, your brand message to be tight and consistent, and your lead generation methods to be hypnotic. If this one arm of your messaging is inconsistent, you’re losing your foothold in professionalism.

Hiring an optimistic marketing team to keep your messaging tight and consistent is one way to ensure that you stay on the top of your game.

Focus your efforts on your niche

Targeting marketing is always more effective than widespread marketing efforts. Connect with your niche where they are so that your message is right in front of them all of the time. Social media is a great way to harness the benefits of targeted marketing. LinkedIn is a great place to start connecting with people in your market and your niche and expand from there.

Just because you have NDAs that keep you from disclosing your client base doesn’t mean you can’t positively promote and market your business directly to your target market effectively.  Continue to be grateful.  Grateful people are happy people!  

Do your marketing efforts translate into business from your ideal client?
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